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Beautiful brands that still look great in 10 years.
Insightful print collateral that get noticed.
Elegant websites that grow your business.

For inspiring business owners like you.

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A little bit about Inspiring Design Co.

I’m Robert Scozzari, graphic designer, creative director and blogger at Inspiring Design Company, in Trent Hills, Ontario, a company dedicated to inspiring business owners with beautiful branding, print design and web sites. I blog about whatever I feel like talking about, but mostly it’s stuff that my clients will find helpful, informative and of course, Inspiring.

Robert Scozzari Looking Goofy

Being the son of two tailors, design, craft and working with my hands has been a part of my life. That’s part of what inspired me to start Inspiring Design Co. A company that wants to help inspiring people who are passionate about what they do so they can look great, helping them build their credibility with customers. In turn, I inspire my clients, they inspire their clients, it’s a big happy world.

Services Offered

Branding by Inspiring Design Co.


Branding is the pivoting point of any business. It’s your purpose, appearance and persona all working together to create a strong brand for your business. It’s a brand that inspires your customers to call you that first time and inspires them to keep coming back to you.

Print Collateral

Print design goes a long way to communicate your message, especially today when digital communication is prevalent and oversaturated. Carefully crafted print collateral is a wonderful way to attract new customers and provide valuable information.

Website Design

Of course, everyone knows a website is essential to to ensure you don’t get left behind, but It’s important to create a website that actually works for you. A website must encourage a prospect to pick up the phone, email or contact you in some way or another.

These nice people said this…

I am very happy with my new site and am proud to send people to view it, it has a professional look and very informative. I enjoyed the experience with you Robert, you made some good suggestions to help with propelling my site to its next level, you were very pleasent to speak with in person and via phone calls and email. you made things easy to understand.
Gord GiannandreaOwnerSubZero Dry Ice BlastingCobourg, Ontario

(705) 409-9799

Campbellford Ontario

(905) 865-0033

Hamilton Ontario (Text Messages)

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